First 2013 Boiler Change

Very happy new year to all of our clients. My very first job of the 2013 year was to install a replacement combination boiler in the Sholing area of Southampton. In short, the client inherited the Chaffateux et Maury (boiler brand) Britony Combi 80 SE (boiler model). For a long time the boiler worked very well. Until the end of it’s working life when our client continued to ring us with various separate/unrelated boiler faults. These included flashing reset lights, water pressure kept dropping, needing to be reset and it even switched itself on and off frequently when it felt like it!

We did of course repair the boiler which helped our client throughout the Christmas period no end! But the long term mutual decision was to replace the entire boiler for added peace of mind.

Arriving at the client’s home address at 745am/8am the new Vaillant (boiler brand) EcoTec Plus 831 (boiler model) arrived (delivered from our Southampton supplier). Within just 8 hours (our average working day) the boiler was professionally replaced - work carried out on the day included; a new flue, the whole system flushed (cold flush, hot flush, chemical flush), plus new built-in Vaillant TimeSwitch 150 analogue timer.

Now the client has a shiny new Vaillant boiler, which won September 2012′s annual Which? Best Boiler Award. Not only is it very shiny, but as Vaillant ‘Advance Installers’ for Southampton we  are granted access to a free of cost 7 (seven) year warranty for even more peace of mind.

Note. The client is always asked whether I can take images. The images of which don’t include personal items nor have any link to any address or any name.




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