Water leak devastation averted!

Kevin and I recently installed a new gas boiler system for a client that we had been going to for some years. It was a pleasure to meet the client’s parents on that particular job, who kindly travelled each day to meet us and house sit whilst our work was being completed.

In conversation with them we spoke about their system and we arranged to view their concerns about their existing loft tank installation.

It was a very good call to view the arrangement as the tanks were both precariously balanced on poor wooden MDF platforms (that weren’t designed to hold weight, let alone any wet condensation given off by the tanks through evaporation etc.) So due to the unsubstantial wooden platform the larger 25 gallon water tank was visibly splaying at the sides – which imminently meant the plastic could split at any time. In turn this would cause slow but sure devastation of not only the bedroom level directly beneath the loft, but usually into the lounge or whatever is below that floor also!

Never one to scare monger but it was well worth the clients realisation that something could have been going wrong in the loft.

I installed a new solid PolyTank 42 Gallon rigid cold water storage tank (larger capacity than the original as a shower pump had been fitted) alongside a much more resilient PolyTank for the central heating feed and expansion. A solid sheet of ply was supplied and screwed to new wooden joists at intervals to ensure the new tanks were much more stable for the future.



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