Traditional Boiler Replacement

Earlier this year I was called to a regular client for an annual service of a Glow-Worm (make) Fuelsaver (model) boiler. The boiler was circa 25 years old and so too was the system/airing cupboard. Unfortunately upon servicing, a major safety issue was quickly picked up. The flue (which passes the products of combustion safely to outside) was rusty and a hole had formed. This meant potentially the boiler’s products of combustion were not passing safely to outside, but instead into the clients living quarters.

The classification for this type of safety issue is ‘Immediately Dangerous’ and therefore the boiler had to be switched off/made safe and sadly condemned. The flue section parts are obsolete so a new Boiler was required. It was a rare circumstance for us to have to condemn the boiler, this was one of only around 5 boilers I have ever condemned in the last 10 years. Needless to say the client was pleased the problem was initially found and later dealt with very quickly. Thankfully the client was aware in previous years that the Boiler was aged and eventually would require replacing.

A new ‘Vaillant EcoTec Plus 428′ ‘Open Vent’ boiler was chosen to replace the old Boiler (which is a ‘traditional system’ with tanks in the loft (not a ‘Combination Boiler’). The Airing Cupboard was also reconfigured/updated in order to alleviate air ingress (stopping the need to bleed the radiators and therefore stop any future sludge build up). A new ‘Gledhill’ fully-insulated copper Hot Water Cylinder was installed for greater efficiency. Other refinements included Thermostatic Radiator Valves, A Room Thermostat and also the all important magnetic brass ‘Spirotrap’ system filter.
As Vaillant Advance Installers we gain access to a free of cost 7 (Seven) Year Vaillant Warranty for extra peace of mind.



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