Sticky Situation

We first met this boiler when it was relatively new - some 15 years ago approximately. That particular client sold the property and later moved to another part of Southampton (where we installed a whole new system for them in their new home).

The majority of our work is word-of-mouth and so the new owner of this boiler kept our contact details and continued to use us for regular annual servicing every year thereafter – until 2008.

For one reason or another the regular servicing hadn’t taken place for quite some time up until 2015. At this time we were called to survey the boiler whereby a ‘pungent smell of burning plastic’ meant they no longer wanted to use the boiler.

Much to my amazement I was greeted by a boiler which was classified as  ’Immediately Dangerous’ and a Warning Notice issued to stop further use. Our client knew the boiler was beyond repair as even the untrained eye could see the damage. The damage was caused solely by lack of servicing.

The boiler ’heat exchanger’ (that heats the water in the system) is hollow (to allow flue gasses to escape to outside) but in this instance, the burner was full of dust and debris – causing dangerous yellow flames. The yellow flames couldn’t escape to outside – so thick black soot was soon formed and totally blocked the heat exchanger within the boiler.

This led to an extremely high build up of heat, which had totally melted any plastic in sight. The high temperature resistant plastic boiler casing and even supermarket carrier bags that were nearby in the kitchen unit were melted.

Needless to say a new boiler was required to remedy this issue.




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