New Kitchen, New Gas Hob

Recently I completed an enjoyable new Gas Hob installation – this made a pleasant change as I had to cut the new worktop to suit the new hob also. On this particular installation, an electric hob was installed originally, so the gas pipe was run behind the new kitchen units and connected to the new hob.

The width of hobs are getting wider and wider – so care is taken to ensure the new hob sits perfectly square above the oven housing. Appearance is a very strong consideration but what is most important is to conform to the stringent installation instructions. For example, the edge of the hob must be 55mm from the tiled rear facing wall, the extractor hood (if fitted) must be no lower than 650mm above – and also the adjacent cabinets must be no lower than 420mm above the sides of the hob.

The gas pipe was clipped to the wall and run neatly behind the oven and connected onto the new Hob. The gas pipe was then ’tightness tested’ (a test for leaks) and I’m sure the client is delighted with their new appliances!




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