Concealed Pipework Radiator Reposition

Recently I undertook a complex Radiator reposition for a canine friend who wanted better access to the Garden. The requirement was to remove a radiator that had it’s pipework ran in the wall – as this wall was going to be knocked through to fit new patio doors.

The radiator was the room’s main source of heat so it wasn’t an option to simply remove the radiator – it had to be repositioned somewhere else. The work was involved as I had to locate the central heating pipework – which like most modern/new build houses is fully hidden and concealed behind the plasterboard.

Using specialist techniques the heating pipes were found in the adjacent wall (the wall that would be unaffected by the patio door installer). A neat access hole was cut in the plasterboard wall and the pipes could then be worked with.

The radiator was then carefully positioned to cover the newly run supplies and the result was excellent. The house regained its originality with newly run but still totally hidden pipework.



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