Combination Boiler Replacement

Combination Boiler

We are very pleased to welcome a new client who found us solely by searching the Internet for local gas installers before Christmas. Thank you to those who have left us very kind feedback for our Reviews page: GAS Adept – Our Client Reviews - the client was more than interested to meet us having read [...]


Our 2nd 2013 Boiler Replacement


Our second of the year boiler replacement again in Sholing, Southampton was for a very long standing loyal client who I am grateful to for allowing me to take the occasional picture as I work. I always ask for the clients permission before taking pictures and all images show no personal items or alike. In [...]


Sludge build-up


Another interesting job to start the year. I was called to a client on the Bitterne/Sholing border in Southampton who had no central heating or hot water. The boiler was firing but only for short amounts of time – maybe 1 or 2 minutes. The boiler was operating fine, the timer and room thermostat were [...]


First 2013 Boiler Change


Very happy new year to all of our clients. My very first job of the 2013 year was to install a replacement combination boiler in the Sholing area of Southampton. In short, the client inherited the Chaffateux et Maury (boiler brand) Britony Combi 80 SE (boiler model). For a long time the boiler worked very [...]